Meditation Music

sound-healingThe right music and sound can be a great help in meditation. Soothing sounds can help to relax the body and mind, and the meditation music can be used as a sort of tool, giving you something to focus on. Be very selective in your choice of meditation music though. It should be relaxing and soothing, without any vocals or drums. Things like drums, vocals or spoken words may distract you from your focus and will spark thoughts in your mind.

Keep in mind that using music as a meditative tool should not become a habit. Meditation is about focusing the mind internally. Any outside stimulus is not of the mind so, in essence, when using any meditation tools your awareness becomes externally focused, rather than internally focused.

Meditation Music Tracks

Transmutations – Glenn Michael Topping

home made monochordTransmutations is a 12 minute journey carried lightly on the sound of “The ol’ Shed”, a monochord built from my neighbour’s old shed, when they took it down. The sounds of the chimes as they sway in resonant waves with the overtones of the monochord give the mind a place to find focus and calm.



Valtari – Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós is a band from Iceland. Their music takes the mind off on the most wonderful journey. Smooth, soothing and almost ethereal.


Departure Songs – Hammock

Coming from a slightly warmer part of the World, Hammock hails from Nashville. Great music to help calm the mind.