About Us

groove customHey, thanks for popping by here at Groove Custom!

Groove Custom is a collection of resources for those who wish to explore and practise the principles of mindfulness and mindfulness meditation. These practises and principles are not associated to any religious or spiritual beliefs. They are based on the cultivation of basic human traits that are of benefit not only to those who practise them, but also to all those who we encounter.

Who is Groove Custom

The site is run and maintained by Glenn Topping, a friendly (and handsome!) chap from Gauteng, South Africa. Glenn has been practising and exploring different meditation techniques for over 2 decades, but he’s not quite as old as his teenage daughters say he is.

He likes to work in the garden, write music and he enjoys spending time with his family. Glenn has also been known to drink one or 2 pints of Guinness.

Hang on, I’ve just told you who runs the site, so let me stop with this third person stuff.

What Groove Custom Has To Offer

My aim is to provide people with helpful resources and information about meditation and mindfulness techniques that I have found to be of great benefit to both myself, and to those who have asked me for guidance. The information provided is based on what the sciences have discovered about mindfulness based practises. I might look like a hippy, but I do like to see credible research studies, and with regard to mindfulness meditation, there have been many studies and trials done.

Meditation Techniques

If you’re looking for hundreds of different types of meditation techniques, you won’t find that here. To play tennis, you need to hit the ball, nothing else. We seek to achieve focus and presence, so that we become master to the mind, rather than its subconscious slave. One does not need to complicate simplicity.
I’ve provided techniques that are simple, yet very powerful. All that you need to do is be committed to practising meditation every day.

Suggested Reading

I’m always hunting for new books and articles to read that may assist in the practise of mindfulness. I have read and reread each one of the books and articles listed on Groove Custom, and have found them to be quite helpful.
If you have any books you’d like to suggest, I would love to hear from you.

Thank You!

Thank you for visiting Groove Custom. When we choose to learn about ourselves, about our flaws and our good points, we not only help ourselves, we help all of society, all of humanity and the World in general. The oceans are made up of infinite drops of water that merge to become One. You are a single drop, but without you, the oceans would never exist.

Namasté, beautiful Be-ing