Rain on an Autumn Day

rainI woke this morning to grey, autumn skies. A grey that’s not gloomy in any way. A peaceful, calm grey. It hadn’t quite started to rain yet. I think the clouds waited for me before they showered down their gift. There’s many folks who don’t enjoy overcast weather, but for me, the rain it brings is always a welcome blessing. The last summer crop in our vegetable garden has reached it’s near end, but the few plants that remain are drinking up the rain.

Weather amazes me, or rather, the response of people to weather amazes me. Complaints roll about when the Sun warms us to much, yet, when the clouds hide the Sun and the rain cools the Earth, the same mouths who cursed the Sun now crave it’s return. It is as it is.

A good few years ago I lived on the most amazing farm. The farm house was cradled in the palm of a mountainous hand. Either side of us were the most picturesque views, mostly inhabited by rather curious, but cautious baboons. Where there are many baboons, often a leopard will silently, stealthily include itself. Leopards eat baboons. It is as it is.

Liz and Gordon were our neighbors on one side of the farm. Their main crop was peaches, and they had quite a sizable orchard. They taught me a lot, Liz and Gordon did. One thing that will always stick in my mind is what they told me about peaches: For a good harvest, peaches need quite a few very cold weeks in winter. The warmer the winter, the smaller, less juicy the crop. I often find myself wondering, when I see someone eating a peach on a warm summers day, if they know about the alliance of peaches and the cold. When teeth sink into luscious peach bounty, do the owners of those teeth give gratitude to the cold of winter? It is as it is.

We’re most often unconscious of the cold that defines the warm. The down that defines the up gets no credit. We fear death, but hardly ever live. It is as it is.

I woke this morning to grey, autumn skies. A grey that’s not gloomy in any way. A peaceful, calm grey.

Namasté beautiful Be-ing

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